Action Learning – CUED for Action™

CUED for Action™ is our proven approach to Action Learning, which has quickly become a method used by companies around the world to develop leaders, build teams, and improve corporate capabilities. It quickly delivers sustainable results and our clients often integrate it as part of larger leadership development or culture transformation initiatives.

In a recent client evaluation, participants identified the return on their investment:

  • 84% increased their alignment to business strategy
  • 88% saw a breaking down of silos and increase in collaboration
  • 90% said they were better able to lead by example with empathy and courage
  • 99% more effectively engage others in change

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We build leadership teams real-time using the dilemmas that they face. Individual leaders cultivate a sense of ownership for their own development while the team addresses business challenges across the network.

“We have an organization that’s performing much better. Individual leaders are more confident, strategic thinkers who are able to challenge assumptions; the management team has stronger relationships and a richer pool of actionable cross-functional knowledge. The result has been an ability to influence the organization and achieve desired change.”

Andrew Wnek, Senior VP and CIO Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd.

“In difficult times leaders often revert to a transactional style and less inclusive decision making. Through this program I was able to learn how to avoid this pitfall, and my organization has become more collaborative and resilient. ”

- Don Seymour, MBA, WOTCH Community Health Care Services