Our retreats are an opportunity to step away from the compression of day-to-day work and connect with other leaders addressing similar inquiries, the big questions that we need to address on behalf of our organizations and global systems. Context’s extraordinary retreat environments in Europe and North America support renewal and resilience, so that participating leaders can return to their place of influence with clarity and presence.

As stand alone programs or as part of broader change initiatives, our customized programs use an Action Inquiry framework to powerfully support individual, team and organizational growth. The result is greater personal integrity, collaborative use of power, and the ability to continuously transform in response to emerging realities.

“I work in a world that has a lot of complexity and the Retreat gave me an opportunity to step out and think about things I want to carry forward in the years to come.”
Jamie Brady, Vice President HR, Intarcia Therapeutics


Burren Executive Leadership Retreat

August 24th – August 27th, 2020.​ The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

The Burren Executive Leadership Retreat is a by-invitation gathering of global senior leaders who are reaching beyond conventional executive development programs, and are committed to developing their personal capacity as they simultaneously lead systems change.

This program is a first-of-its kind opportunity for accomplished leaders and renowned artists to co-create and open new leadership territory.

The environment is designed to provide ample time for personal reflection, peer inquiry and coaching, and whole group discussion about organizations, systems, and leadership itself.

You will leave the retreat having had the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on, receive peer coaching about, and begin to take steps toward the next phase of your leadership
  • Develop greater leadership presence and resilience
  • Practice powerful forms of collaborative and inquiring leadership
  • Increase your capacity to lead systemic change
  • Access a global network of leaders who can continue to be a source of support and inspiration
  • Contribute to evolving the practice of leadership, for the sake of future generations.

Full details of the Burren Executive Leadership Retreat are available here.

“The Retreat filled me with a centeredness and hope in the face of some of the most challenging days in my country. The experience two years ago was deep and remains a touchstone.”
Michele Cahill, Distinguished Fellow in Education and Youth Development, National Center for Civic Innovation, New York, U.S.A

Empowering Women’s Leadership

The times we live in seem full of promise for women of all ages. Yet at each stage of our personal and professional lives we discover fresh questions and uncertainties that ask something of us. What do we pay attention to as our intuition edges us toward our potential? Where are our sources of energy and direction? In what ways can other women guide us?

Empowering Women’s Leadership is an opportunity to deepen your self-understanding while you connect with the wisdom of women from diverse backgrounds, careers, and generations.

This program invites you into:

  • conversations that uncover the thoughts and emotions that are guiding you,
  • individual reflection that makes it easier to hear your inner voice,
  • artistic practice that opens your imagination to the future,
  • embodiment exercises that cultivate a more powerful presence, and
  • self-assessment that helps you identify practical next steps.

“As a corporate executive I’ve attended many leadership workshops. None gave me as much food for personal reflection as Leading Full Circle. It gave me permission to look at sides of myself that had been unexplored for years.”
Ellen Malcolmson, former Senior Vice President, Bell Canada


Collective Leadership Impact (CLIP)

Context’s Collective Leadership Impact Program (CLIP) addresses the challenge of how to develop leadership and collaboration across global networks, and in escalating complexity.

Taking into account our clients’ unique context, we design CLIP for teams of up to 100+ , helping them develop adaptive leadership capabilities and an integrated, strategically aligned leadership culture.

CLIP brings together the best of what we know about learning, problem-solving, culture change, and resilient leadership. It acknowledges that no single part of the network can address the complex challenges that leaders face. In CLIP groups, leaders come together in ongoing dialogue with their peers and with the intention to align individual efforts for the benefit of making a collective impact. Developing a Common Agenda and a set of Self Organizing Activities allows leaders to learn their way forward within complex conditions, through initiatives that can adapt and evolve to keep pace with change.

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Collective Leadership Impact Program (CLIP) is a proprietary offering of Context Management Consulting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“2019 has been a year of many changes, both personally and professionally speaking. My participation in CLIP has helped me take these changes/opportunities with courage and more confidence.“
Participant, Collective Leadership Impact Program, 2019

Beyond High Performance

This three day program is based in what we know about how adult development translates to leadership development, and how neuroscience translates to creating the conditions for people and organizations to flourish in safe brain environments. If comprehensively blends the what, why, and how of trnsformational leadership development, including the:

Practice of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI)

Assessment of leader’s predominant action-logics usng the Global Leadership Profile (GLP)

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“The opportunity to engage in reflective practice was an amazing gift; I was able to investigate taxing issues I have been trying to work through at work for some time. The activities were well thought out and provided much learning. Fabulous job of running the workshop and excellent feeling within the group.” 
Participant, Action Inquiry Program

Leading in Complexity

Leading in Complexity is an invitation based coaching group for leaders who are navigating complex relationships and environments every day, and who would value receiving fresh insights and approaches that they can immediately apply. The program includes:

  • Gathering monthly for lively, purposeful coaching and leadership conversations
  • Gaining powerful 360 feedback about your leadership by debriefing your Leadership Circle 360 Profile
  • Refining your ability to coach others through their real, complex challenges
  • Learning new approaches for navigating today’s increasingly complex and uncertain environments
To inquire about receiving an invitation, contact here to arrange a call