Imagining Leadership: A Journal


products_imaginingOur latest product invites leaders to imagine a new context for their leadership and organizational life. 
We designed it in collaboration with accomplished artists Michael Jones and Sandy McMullen, whose work reminds us that imagination is increasingly required to lead in complex systems.

From Michael’s new book, Artful Leadership: Engaging the Commons of the Imagination… “the question we need to be asking is not how to make a system do something, but how to work together in alignment with what is already emerging”.

Book specifications | Spiral bound, 9” x 7”, 128 pages.
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The The Change Handbook


products_changehandbook(2nd ed. Berrett Koehler, 2007) includes a case study of our results. 

“We have an organization that’s performing much better. Individual leaders are more confident, strategic thinkers who are able to challenge assumptions; the management team has stronger relationships and a richer pool of actionable cross-functional knowledge. The result has been an ability to influence the organization and achieve desired change.”

The Change Handbook features descriptions of sixty-one change methods— up from eighteen in the first edition— and new chapters on selecting a method, mixing and matching methods, and sustaining results. It describes every change method’s essential concepts and processes and provides advice on when to use each.

Book specifications | Softcover, 7” x 9”, 808 pages
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Eleanor Lowden Pigeon – Contemporary Paintings


eleanor's imageWe are delighted that Eleanor has offered her paintings as illustrations for the Context website.

Eleanor began her career as a professional artist 25 years ago living in Ontario. Her love of art began very early, and she has always expressed an interest in learning as well as making art. Eleanor studied fine arts at the University of Western Ontario, and continued her studies in art and watercolor at the Ontario College of Art, the Alberta College of Art and through various workshops to broaden her scope. In 1994 she joined the Toronto Watercolor Society . She became a signature member of the TWS and also volunteered as their publicity chairman until December 1999. Eleanor and her family have made Calgary their home for the last 13 years.

Browse her artwork online.

“The Imagining Leadership journal is an effective tool for helping individuals and groups to reflect on their leadership journey in a creative way. My clients find that they keep coming back to the journal to gain insight in to who they are becoming when they step into their strengths.”

Sara Thompson, Sage Transitions