Leading Full Circle

The times we live in seem full of promise for women of all ages. Yet at each stage of our personal and professional lives we discover fresh questions and uncertainties that ask something of us. What do we pay attention to as our intuition edges us toward our potential? Where are our sources of energy and direction? In what ways can other women guide us?

Leading Full Circle is an opportunity to deepen your self-understanding while you connect with the wisdom of women from diverse backgrounds, careers, and generations.

This program invites you into:

  • conversations that uncover the thoughts and emotions that are guiding you,
  • individual reflection that makes it easier to hear your inner voice,
  • artistic practice that opens your imagination to the future,
  • embodiment exercises that cultivate a more powerful presence, and
  • self-assessment that helps you identify practical next steps.

If you have any questions about Leading Full Circle, please contact us.

Leading Full Circle has grown from our experience that when women come together in multigenerational conversations outside their usual circles of colleagues and friends, they discover that wisdom is not contingent on the number of years we’ve lived.

“As a corporate executive I’ve attended many leadership workshops. None gave me as much food for personal reflection as Leading Full Circle. It gave me permission to look at sides of myself that had been unexplored for years.”

Ellen Malcolmson, former Senior Vice President, Bell Canada

“The mutual mentoring was exceptionally moving for me. It helped me to understand my strengths in leadership.”

Lyndsay Macdonald, Student, Ryerson University