Collective Leadership Impact Program


Context’s Collective Leadership Impact Program (CLIP) addresses the challenge of how to develop leadership and collaboration across global networks, and in escalating complexity.

Taking into account our clients’ unique context, we design CLIP for teams of up to 100+ , helping them develop adaptive leadership capabilities and an integrated, strategically aligned leadership culture.

CLIP brings together the best of what we know about learning, problem-solving, culture change, and resilient leadership. It acknowledges that no single part of the network can address the complex challenges that leaders face. In CLIP groups, leaders come together in ongoing dialogue with their peers and with the intention to align individual efforts for the benefit of making a collective impact. By developing a Common Agenda and a set of Self Organizing Activities allows leaders to learn their way forward with in complex conditions, through initiatives that can adapt and evolve to keep pace with change.

See our article:  Adaptive Leadership Networks in Global Organizations

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“An adaptive leadership culture is a critical factor for our organization. This is a great innovation.”

“It is no longer one leadership team and another. It has created a bigger us”

“It is an investment in the right people who can influence across our network. We’re crossing boundaries, reaching a much higher number of people in our company.”