Since 2004, we’ve been working with globally focused leaders to grow the capabilities required to thrive in today’s complex organizations and systems.

Our clients engage us when they want to:

• Design and lead transformational change

• Integrate culture and capabilities with new strategies

• Grow collaborative leadership across their network

• Address complex challenges in the midst of action

• Navigate the evolving human-digital workplace

“It has been a privilege to partner with Context over the past several years. Their experience and global team of associates guided our leadership team as we transformed our culture and capabilities. There’s no better example of Context’s unique value than at Allston Landing, where seventy-five managers developed the mindset and skills to navigate the escalating complexity of our business. See the story in Life Science Leader magazine.”

Sandra Poole, Senior Vice President Biologics Operations


Burren Executive Leadership Retreat

August 24-27, 2020

We invite you to our annual gathering at the intersection of artistic and leadership practice.

“I strongly recommend you take on this experience—it is one of a kind.”
Lynette Denny, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Groot Shuur Hospital, South Africa


Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate. University of Toronto

A forum for learning core capabilities needed to lead change in today’s escalating complexity.
Leading People – Fall 2019

“It helped me clarify underlying assumptions and deal with them in a healthy way.”
2019 participant

The Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching

Team Coaching at Scale: Creating Conditions for Emergence of Adaptive Leadership Cultures
(Mary Stacey and Karen Yeyinmen, 2019)
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A Partial List of our Clients